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Garage Door Spring Repair

Garage Door Spring Repair in Chester County, PA

Looking for garage door spring repairs in Chester County, PA? Want to have your current springs replaced with brand-new ones? Whatever the case may be, Main Line Garage Door has you covered. Our team of expert technicians offers repairs and replacements for broken garage door springs in Delaware County, Montgomery County, PA, and the surrounding areas. When they arrive at your home, you can expect fast and effective repair services.

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Professional Garage Door Spring Replacements in Chester County, PA

If you need a garage door spring replacement, it’s best to have it performed by a professional. Not only will they know how to conduct the installation correctly, but their efficiency will allow them to complete the job in a timely manner. Therefore, if you’re searching for the most reliable garage door spring repairs in Chester County, PA, then call the team at Main Line Garage Door. We have the necessary experience to fix and replace broken garage door torsion springs.

What Should I Do When I Have Broken Garage Door Springs in Chester County, PA?

After driving home one night and noticing your garage door won’t open because of a broken spring, you may feel inclined to open it on your own. However, doing so is ill-advised. The springs help keep the doors in place by acting as a counterweight — if the door were to fall with a broken spring, nothing would stop it from hitting someone underneath. Therefore, it is best to call a professional for help replacing garage door springs.

Garage Door Torsion Springs Replacements

Do you have a broken garage door torsion spring? Main Line Garage Door offers professional garage door torsion springs installations and repairs.

Garage Door Extension Springs

Our team works with more than just torsion springs for garage doors. There are several other kinds of springs used for garage doors, including extension springs. Unlike torsion springs, garage door extension springs expand and contract completely. If your garage uses extension springs and they’re no longer working, contact us for a repair or replacement.

Replacing Garage Door Tension Springs

Another kind of spring we handle with our garage door spring repair in Chester County, PA, is tension springs. When it comes to replacing garage door tension springs, you’ll want to entrust a professional with the job — homeowners will have peace of mind knowing their new springs were installed by an expert.

How Long Do Garage Door Springs Last?

Nothing lasts forever — not even torsion springs for garage doors. However, it’s possible to create a rough estimate of when they need to be replaced. Many garage door springs last around 10,000 cycles, or complete openings and closings. This means that the less often you use it, the longer you’ll go without needing a garage door torsion spring replacement. Underused springs can last over a decade, while frequently used garage doors may need to be replaced after three to five years.

Call Us Today for Garage Door Spring Repairs in Chester County, PA, and More

Whenever you need help replacing garage door springs that have broken, you’ll know who to call. At Main Line Garage Door, we’re dedicated to helping residents of Chester County, Montgomery County, and Delaware County, PA, with our vast and proven experience in garage door services.

In addition to our garage door torsion springs installations, we offer a variety of other garage door services. Contact Main Line Garage Door for commercial garage springs, professional garage door replacements, assistance with maintaining garage doors, and much more.

Want to learn more about our garage door spring repairs in Chester County, PA? Then don’t hesitate to contact us today with your questions and to schedule an appointment.

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